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About sein:
Sein is a Copenhagen based design studio focusing on creating beautiful, sexy, high quality interior products. In 2013 we founded sein, we are both graduates from Kolding school of Design where we met and bonded over our passion for interior design, and instead of trying to make other peoples ideas and products, we wanted to make our own.

We are nerds! and love to obsess over the smallest details and make every aspect of every product perfect. We only want the highest quality throughout every part of the process, which means we are part of every step, from the first sketch to the final product is in your hands.

We are very interested in how things are made, and usually this is what drives our design process, we don’t just hand of a drawing to a factory and hope to get back a good result.

We’d rather work with specialists that are really good at one thing, so we spend a lot of time looking for these and work closely together through many iterations, tweaks and revisions till we get the right result.

the “how it’s made” is also what drives a lot of the estetics of our products, we always look for new production methods and love technology and like to use it as much as possible. any excuse to use lasers or big machines. But the most important thing: Our products has to look and feel awesome… And we always make a version in black